GMC Acadia Wiki Specifications You Should Know

GMC Acadia Wiki Specifications You Should Know

Are you a fan of cars? Then you must know about GMC Acadia. GMC Acadia has been introduced as a mid-size crossover SUV from GMC, one of the companies that create and sell cars. Many people interested in this car, so you do. From many reliable sources, we create an article to inform you about GMC Acadia wiki (so we put on information from Wikipedia so much), from the introduction until what you can do with this GMC Acadia. So for the further explanation, let us jump to our points.

The introductions of GMC Acadia wiki

The GMC Acadia, as mentioned above, is one of the GMC’s series of the car that is quite famous among automotive lovers. The design of this car’s body is not that different from another vehicle, but it certainly has a specialty whether it is in an engine or another thing. In fact, the GMC Acadia distributed today is the second generation, which is smaller than its first generation.

GMC Acadia Wiki


Here we provide the entire specifications of GMC Acadia wiki :

  1. Engine

The GMC Acadia uses GM’s High Feature LY7 V6 which is quite reliable for a trip. Different from 2007 series with 275 Hp and 2012 with 288 Hp, and for sure, the engine performance increases in 2017 with 310 Hp. The wheel is also set to be comfortable for the driver, formed in 19 inches cast aluminum. The tires used are Goodyear Model Eagle type RS-A M+S P255/60R-19 108H.

  1. Interior

You can say that this engine’s interior is quite simple, elegant and also have a 8 (maximum) seats. The pad is comfortable, and it has a unique cushion to hold the passenger’s head. The other interior such as a lamp is also in good condition. You can pick your favorite color for internal affairs, from gray until brown.

  1. Safety

The most important part of a car is safety. This engine provides you an excellent built security, from automatic door lock, alarm and airbags for the driver.

After you read these specifications, have you figured out which one GMC Acadia wiki you’d buy? Find it on the nearest dealer around you.

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