Fuccillo Kia Commercials and Mysterious Disappearance of Caroline

Fuccillo Kia Commercials and Mysterious Disappearance of Caroline

The Fuccillo Kia commercials are huge phenomenon on the world of advertisement. What is greater than this phenomenon is Caroline’s absence from Fuccillo Kia commercials 2017. There are two stars on those car commercials. As the main star, Billy Fuccillo is coming with his sidekick named Caroline Renfro. Caroline becomes the face of Kia commercials for good reasons. Other than being able to give good performance on introducing products by Kia, she also has pretty face as well. It should come as no surprise that people are being familiar with her face during the Kia commercial. During the latest Kia commercials, Caroline does not make her appearance. A new model named Abby is replacing her position. Audiences are missing Caroline after her disappearance. People begin to speculate about the situation regarding this condition.

Why People are Missing Caroline on Fuccillo Kia Commercials?

You cannot deny that Caroline has more than average model for car commercials. However, that is not the main reasons why Caroline is commissioned as the star for Fuccillo Kia car commercials. The marketing division that is taking care of the commercials saw the talent inside her personality. Before hired as the star on the series of Kia car commercials, Caroline Renfro is already a famous model. She worked as the Bobcats basketball team of Charlotte. She was also hired for supermarket franchise on the same city as well.

Being able to give good performance during the Fuccillo Kia commercials make her a famous model for car commercial. Along with Billy Fuccillo, she has popular tagline of “Carolyn, it’s HUGE”. Due to this reasons, people begin to know her based on the commercials. The car commercial for products manufactured by Kia seems incomplete without the appearance of Caroline herself. Not to mention that Caroline has been the star for the same series of car commercial since it was aired in 2012. The commercial itself is not only aired in television, but also in the local radio station as well. Other than her pretty face, people recognized her by her voice as well.

Those are the reasons why people are missing the appearance of Caroline on Fuccillo Kia commercials. Before the official announcement about this mysterious disappearance is announced, people begin to assume why she is missing. Some said that this issue has something to do with her personal life. There is even a rumor mentioning that she is arrested for consuming drugs. Meanwhile, the rests are thinking positively about it. Caroline might be unable to become the star for the commercials any longer due to the end of her contract with Kia company.

The case of Caroline absence on Fuccillo Kia commercials is most likely has nothing to do with her contract. Given her exceptional performance during the commercials, it is unwise for the marketing division to end the contract right away. Due to her exceptional performance, the cars sell well across the country. The sales for cars manufactured by Kia may experience serious declining if other model replaces the star on the commercials. Even though you cannot deny that Abby does a marvelous job, audience is already familiar with both face and voice of beautiful Caroline.

Will Caroline Back on Fuccillo Kia Commercials?

If you are wondering about where is Caroline of Fuccillo Kia 2017, then you are in the same page as most of her fans. After her initial performance on cars commercial of Fuccillo Kia at 2012, she is able to grab attention of her audiences. Her excellent performance is able to balance the appearance of Billy Fuccillo, the main star of the commercials. Since most of her fans are questioning her absence, the marketing division starts to release official information related to the case.

Normally, the contract for being star of a commercial lasts for a specific period of time. If the star is able to deliver good performance that increases the sales, the duration of the contract can be extended. The duration of this extended contract is highly depending on agreements from both sides. However, if one side proposes to end the contract, the model cannot continue to be the star for the commercial. This condition is also applied on Fuccillo Kia cars commercials.

Given the exceptional performance of Caroline, it is highly impossible for the marketing division to end the contract without expanding it first. Therefore, a scenario where the Caroline contract for Fuccillo Kia commercial come to end is most likely not happening. It seems that there is more to it regarding the circumstances. In order to respond this condition, the marketing division of Kia Company releases an official information. The information is mentioning about two critical factors. Other than the contract of Caroline as the sidekick of Billy Fuccillo, it is also about the reason behind her absence on the latest commercial.

The Caroline contract as the star for Fuccillo Kia commercial still continues. The head of marketing division mentions that the contract will last for other years in the future. As for the disappearance of Caroline on the commercial, the marketing division states that it has something to do with Caroline herself. Caroline decided to take a vacation for few weeks, which is normal thing to do if you are a busy person. Caroline is expected to appear on the next car commercials after she finishes her vacation. It also means that the appearance of Abby is only temporarily. However, for the time being, Abby will accompany Billy on the current car commercial from Kia.

Billy Fuccillo supports the statement of marketing division. He said that so far Caroline is a good sidekick. She knows how to respond during the Fuccillo Kia commercial. She is capable of making good improvisation when the situation calls for it. Even though Abby is a great star for the commercial, she simply cannot replace the performance of Caroline, which is already rooted deeply on its audience. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Caroline will be back to take her position on the commercial in the near future along with her great performance.

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