2018 Seat Leon Review

2018 Seat Leon Review

Seat Leon, a Spanish manufactured mini family car has revealed its latest car series, the 2018 Seat Leon. Being displayed in Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, this hatchback small family car has attracted people attention. Though there is no official press released regarding to the car’s date release, it is believed that the 2018 Seat Leon will be launched in the end of 2017. Another thing that makes people are so curious about this supermini car is that it is quite exclusive with affordable price. The Seat Leon latest series comes with limited edition model and will only available in 799 units. Well, how does this hot hatchback look like? And what makes it superior compared to all previous Seat Leon series?

2018 Leon Cupra R

Exterior and Interior Designs

The 2018 Seat Leon is available in three colors, they are Midnight Black, Pyrenees Grey, and exclusive Matte Grey. If we take a close look to the car, we will find out that this series adopts the quite similar form of the Leon Supra 300 for the exterior design. The angular shape of the car gives it really aggressive look that remains us of Audi. The body of the car has aerodynamic bits features with larger air intakes. But different from the Leon Supra 300, the front and rear spoilers as well as the side skirt of the 2018 Seat Leon are made of carbon fiber. Meanwhile, the interior design of this hatchback will not much different from the exterior designs regards to the materials used. It will be dominated by the carbon fibers materials. Meanwhile the steering wheel and gearstick use Alcantara. This supermini car offers new center console and an electronic parking brake. The best part is that the 2018 Seat Leon comes with advanced sound insulation. It functions to help you minimize that noise resulted by the car.


The 2018 Seat Leon has 310 horsepower. Not only that, the top speed of the car can reach 155 mph. It can accelerate from 0 up to 60 pmh in just 5.5 seconds. This 2018 Seat Leon is clearly faster than the Seat Leon previous series.