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Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 - Cars

The Mercedes Benz Biome is a lab grown futuristic car instead of being sold at the market. The Biome is the futuristic concept of modern vehicle Design challenge made by Mercedes. The concept of this state of the art car is completely “Bio” so it goes by the name Biome. It means that the car is made of still currently non- exist material called the “BioFibre” and the car is completely free of producing harmful gas to either human or the environment as the car would produce oxygen instead of harmful gas. The reason is because the car would be powered by a “Plant Juice” fuel. The Head of the Mercedes Benz, Hubert Lee said that the car is made in order for the modern technology to be completely mutually symbiosis with the nature and become part of the earth’s ecosystem. Therefore, the entire system of the vehicle would definitely be biodegradable. 

The “BioFibre” is material of the car which is grown from DNA-modified seeds. The body of the car would be formed by two DNA modified seeds which are for interior and the exterior of the car. The seeds would be grown and knitted together to form a completely functional car. The tires of the car are also made from a four completely different seed. So in order for your car to be made and to be used on the road, you would have to wait for the tires seeds to grow up and usable in an approximate period of 18 years. Judging by the Design of the car which is completely futuristic and unrealistic just like in the science fiction movie which comes to reality, the car of this superb futuristic caliber would definitely cost for approximately at least 1.500.000 USD. Hopefully this short article would give a bit of glimpse on the Mercedes Benz Biome Cost      

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