What Happened to Caroline on Fuccillo Kia Commercials 2017

What Happened to Caroline on Fuccillo Kia Commercials 2017

Being a model for advertisement is not an easy job. Other than memorizing the script, you also need to give the right expression in front of the camera. If you often follow the commercials of Kia mobile few years before, you might remember about a model named Caroline. Her full name is Caroline Renfro. People who see the advertisement are remembering the commercial due to the famous tagline, “Carolyn, it’s HUGE!” However, after stuck on the customers mind for years, the last Kia Commercials in 2017 seems different. She is not involved in the commercial anymore. Other model with the similar blonde hair appearance named Abby replaces her position as the star of the commercial. Most of her fans are wondering what happened to Caroline.

Before Caroline Disappearance in the Kia Commercial

The carrier of Caroline Renfro in Kia Commercial can be traced back since its initial appearance at 2012. During this first appearance, Billy Fuccillo accompanies her. The most memorable shot about her first appearance is when Billy Fuccillo takes her out from the helicopter. This shot is taken in car dealer located at Cape Coral. One of the most memorable scene is when both of them exiting from a helicopter. The script said that Billy exclaim, “Carolyn, it’s HUGE!” This tagline becomes popular after that. As a huge phenomenon, this tagline is often associated with the commercial of Kia cars.

As it goes with most commercial, this one is intended to advertise cars manufactured by Kia. Kia is one of the leading automakers that produce high quality cars. Therefore, it should not be surprising if they commissioned Caroline as the star for their cars. Caroline is casted as the star of the commercial due to her eye catching appearance. The commercial turns out to be successful. The cars sell well on the market.

It does not take long before the company realizes the talent of Caroline and Billy to be their commercial model. When Kia commissioned Caroline for the second commercial on the same year, people who love the commercial already see it coming. Caroline successfully increases the selling for the cars manufactured by Kia. Talking about the cars, they already have good specification to start with. People are interested to purchase the cars after Caroline and Billy introduced them to the audiences. The talent of Caroline turns out to be able to reach audience from different financial levels.

At this rate, the company is more than glad having Caroline working for them as model for the advertisement. The contract for being the company star continues for several years. The Kia commercial becomes familiar with both of Caroline and Billy faces. However, the Kia commercial this year does not involve Caroline. Other model accompanies Billy Fuccillo on 2017 Kia commercial. The audiences who are already feeling familiar with Caroline start missing her. It should not be surprising that her absence becomes other huge phenomenon as well. There are several rumors related to the disappearance of Caroline Renfro from Kia commercials. Some of them goes from the contract end up to negative issues of her personal life. However, Kia Company has their own reasons behind her absence.

Kia Commercials without Caroline Renfro

Since Caroline Renfro does not make her appearance on Kia commercials, people begin to assume what happened to her. Other than this mysterious disappearance, the figure of Caroline Renfro is a mystery on its own. When people who are missing her digging into her identity, they find small amount of information related it. There is a rumor mentioning that Caroline Renfro is actually the niece of Billy Fuccillo himself. The Kia Company clarifies this information through local newspaper. Caroline Renfro is not relative of Billy Fuccillo. She is commissioned as the model for the commercial for two reasons. Aside from being professional, she works best as the sidekick of Billy Fuccillo in the commercial.

Before working as the model for Kia commercials, Caroline Renfro also works for other commercials. Caroline who is well known for her pretty face and pleasant voice collaborated with Charlotte Bobcats few years back. Other than this basketball team, Caroline also hired in the advertisement of local supermarket franchise. Due to her professional performance, Kia Company hired Caroline for the same reasons. As expected, she does her best at promoting cars manufactured by Kia on the side of Billy. The rating for their products is increased. This increasing number is also followed by the sales for Kia cars as well.

The absence of Caroline from all Kia commercials has huge impact on the marketing of Kia cars. Audiences do not see her absence coming since she has remarkable performance. They are expecting the appearance of Caroline in their commercial at any time soon. However, the company itself is already appointing Abby as replacement for Caroline. Therefore, they might not be able to see her in the near future.

After being famous for introducing products by Kia, Caroline becomes the face for this company, aside from Billy Fuccillo. Due to her disappearance, people expecting the sales for Kia product are declining. The company release official announcement that the sale for their cars does declining after her disappearance. However, this declining sale does not come in significant number. Therefore, the company does not affected as much as people expected it to be. Moreover, Abby seems know well her position as replacement. She does a great job at advertising Kia cars on the side of Billy Fuccillo.

It seems that the company already establish new contract with Abby. However, the marketing division from Kia announces that the contract is merely for replacement. Abby will only shine for a while as the star for the Kia commercials. Regarding to the disappearance of Caroline on the latest Kia commercials, the marketing division provide relieving answer. Caroline is apparently in her vacation. This division also mentions that the vacation will take few weeks. Therefore, Caroline is expected to make another appearance on Kia commercials after she finished her vacations. The fans of this commercial model are definitely glad about this good news.

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